Well brothers, it’s taken me a year to finally catch up with Edward “Babe” Heffron again, but today I did!!!!! I’ve been holding one of our challenge coins for him that Thumbs Up gave me, waiting to present it to him in honor of his service during WW II.

For those of you who don’t know Babe, he was a member of Easy Company, 2/506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division who’s experiences during the war were made famous by the movie “Band of Brothers.” Babe is a life time resident of South Philly and lives there still, 2 blocks away from another hero in his unit, William “Wild Bill” Guarnere. Babe tells me they see each other almost daily!

I went to lunch late today and as luck would have it, there was Babe in the Gallery on Market Street. I asked him if he was getting some lunch and he told me he was looking for a lady who was begging for money as he wanted to give her $5.00. I re-introduced myself to Babe mentioning we’d me a year ago. He the showed me a letter a fan sent him containing $100.00, all in fives, asking Babe to give the money out to those in need and expressing his admiration.

So here’s Babe, a 90 year old WW II vet wandering around a crappy part of Philly with $100 bucks in cash in his pocket looking to help someone out! I blew off lunch and helped him look for her! We didn’t find her and I asked him if he would be around for a while. Babe said he would as he was meeting a reporter at 2:00. I ran back to my office, grabbed our challenge coin and a lady from my office (to take the picture) and ran back.

We talked for about a half hour and Babe told me about his daughter (deceased), his wife and his brothers (3, 2 served). Babe’s oldest brother Joe, struggled with alcoholism and died at 52 as he was denied entry into the service.

Babe is a true American hero, paratropper and stand up guy! Don’t tell him that though, he’ll deny it and say “I was only doin what had to be done like we all done.” It was an honor to have spent time with the guy. Pillows, if we could, I think it would be cool to post something on our web-site to record the presentation, thanks


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